CV: Shchepanskaya, Tatiana Borisovna, 1958  

More than 70 publications on ethnography & cultural anthropology (published in Russia, Great Britain, USA, France, Finland, Bulgaria). 3 monographies (in Russian):

Schepanskaya, T.B. The System: Texts and traditions of Subculture Moscow: OGI, 2004
Schepanskaya, T.B. Culture of Road in Russian Mytho-Ritual Tradition. Moscow: Indrik, 2003

Schepanskaya, T.B. The Symbolism of Youth Subculture. St.-Petersburg: Science, 1993

My 3 workplaces:
1.Peter the Great Museum of Antropology and Etnography of Russian Academy of Sciences >(Kunstkamera)
199134, St.-Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb. 3
2.St.-Petersburg State University, dpt.of Socioligy
,dpt.of History

3.Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Russian ethnography; gender studies (ethnography of maternity; studies of masculinity); political anthropology (traditional models & symbols of power; violence); youth subcultures in Russia.

teaching courses
in SPb. State University:
1. Urban Anthropology (Subcultures)
2. Practicum in Social Anthropology
3. Anthropology of the New Cults
4. Russian folk-religious tradition
5. History of Social & Cultural Anthropology

Courses in Smolny Institute of Free Arts & Sciences (SPb):
1. Gender Anthropology
2. Gender Theories in Social Sciences
3. Theory & Method in Social Anthropology
4. Qualitative methods of Sociology & Social Anthropology
5. Men's studies, studies of masculinity
6. Youth subcultures: semiotics and styles

1. Women, Groups, and Symbols : Based on Materials from the Youth Subculture. // Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia : A Journal of translations. Winter 1993 94. Semiotics and Politics: Group Dynamics. P. 70-85.
2. The Body Encoded : Notes on the Folklore of Pregnancy // Gender, Generation and Identity in Contemporary Russia. N.Y., London: Routledge, 1996. P.264-281.
3. La culture de la route dans la Russie du Nord. Le voyageur.//Ethnologie francaise, XXVI, 1996,4,Russie - Paroles russes, p.677-690.
4. Kroppens koder - anteckningar om folklore kring havandeskapet i nutida ryska storstder // Laboratorium fr folk och kultur. Kvinnan and fdseln. Bulletin 1/1999. P.10-16.

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